We travel the world crossed the countries to AEC, EU, America, Canada, England and Australia to explore in-depth the culture by the name “Journey of the Souls”, copyrighted by MCM Communication Co., Ltd. We are established as Thailand content provider. All destination was supported by;

Fitztrips.com registered under MCM Travel in 2019 to Thailand Department of Tourism. Our founder Zom Ammara explored through all 77 provinces all over Thailand by Bike, Boat, Car(4×4), plane, do everything that the real F.I.T. want to experience. We make friends all over Thailand by understanding the culture and nature of the local people. Our team know how to feed the need of F.I.T. and of cause the need of small group and big group traveller. More than 400 destinations from the peaks to the oceans, the top of pagodas to the national parks, all of the activities provided in tourist attractions & special local food all over Thailand are our service area. That our client will enjoy travelling with us to the real local scene and people.

We know the best and the most of Thailand. As our founder followed the work and milestone of King RAMA9 to his journey for sufficiency economy and Green Living for environmental. King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the king that walked all over Thailand and turned the dry land to be paradise. Till now Thailand is one of the world top 10 tourist astraction. We knew that his legacy is preserving by King RAMA 10

Thailand is well known as the best place for travel activities, nature, leisure and for 2020 Thailand is the contry known for wellness tourism remarked as the number one recovery from the COVID-19 situation by the least number of people infected.

You are welcome to be our guest as the guest of Thailand. You will be taking care by the world best hospitalily. We are supported by best hospital in Thailand and approved the company that partnered with Tourism Authority of Thailand as an authorized website for applying STV (Special Tourist VISA), TR60(Torist VISA). If you want to work in Thailand, we can provide business VISA and Work Permit also VISA for your family member. Welcome to Thailand

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