Tourist Visa All You need to know about Thailand Visa

The VISA Process Information with Fitztrips
A foreign applicant must submit his/her intention to apply for the Tourist Visa (STV, TR60). please provide the following information of all the applicants: a. Photo of the passport that the applicant will use for entry into Thailand (Up-Load online with the application form)
b. Current Location/Residence (City & Country)
Our Coordinator will contact you within 12 hrs. by Email:
HOTLINE (Link QR code)LineWhatsApp, WeChat +66974548996

- Declaration form. Fill in the form (We will not be responsible in case of failure)

Our coordinator will assist you with all documentation needed to get your VISA & COE which are;
- Copy of the Passport Data Page (one Copy)
- Declaration Form (One Copy)
- Proof of reservation of Designated Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel Accommodation
- Health insurance Policy Covering medical expenses in Thailand, Including a minimum coverage of USD 100,000 for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) treatment.
- Proof of a reservation of a fully paid air Ticket

Note: After Submitting All the required documents for Special Tourist Visa Thailand, You should be able to get the visa if you belong to low-risk countries.



 Special Tourist Visa (STV VISA)


 Tourist Visa (TR60)


Special Tourist Visa (STV), allows tourists to stay in Thailand for 90 Days and Can be extended twice for 90 days each. Total Stay: 270 days

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All Nationalities can apply for the Tourist Visa (TR), it allows you to stay for 60 days and Extend another 30 days

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Working VISA


Thailand Elite Visa


We help people get work permits and visas so they can lawfully live and work in Thailand.
Remarks: in accordance with the conditions of the Department of Consular Affairs.

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It is a “multiple entry visa” which allows you to travel in and out as frequently as needed without having to apply for a re-entry permit. The length of stay per entry is 1 year. In case you would not plan to leave Thailand at all, you can do the extension of stay every 1 year until you reach the end of the membership.

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Choose Types of Visa
To Travel To Thailand COVID-19, You will need a Visa (Except if you are National of the Visa Exemption Countries

1. Personal Infomation

A Photograph must have a light color background with a full-face view of the person without wearing a hat or dark glasses.
- Limit max size (2Mb)
- Only .jpg .png .jpeg

2. Contact detail

Contact Address
Permanent Address (if different from above) Same Above

3. Travle details

The country you are departure from (เลือกประเทศ)
Expected Arrival Date
Duration time of staying in Thailand